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Our trash, recycling and linen chutes are made of aluminized or stainless steel, depending on the application, and come in standard sizes. As a manufacturer, we can also provide custom sized chutes. Our chute doors are all 100% stainless steel, front and back panels, sides and skirt. All sections are fully welded. We offer a choice of discharge for trash chutes

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El Hadaf  For Chutes
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We strive to contribute to a safer world by providing solutions Firefighting, industrial security and the strongest high-quality firefighting systems, as a leading firefighting company. In doing so, we aim to provide the highest quality possible of products and services, ensuring NFPA and Egyptian code. We work with NAFFCO products

About us
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Provide quality services in relation to the design/engineering, fabrication, supply, installation, supervision, integration, testing, commissioning, training and maintenance of all types of fire protection, foam management system, fire alarm and gas detection systems, including fire fighting systems, sprinkler systems and dry chemical powder system Wet chemical systems, fire pumps, water sprinkler systems, water mist systems, all clean agent systems, co2, fm200 systems, fire hydrant systems, fire alarm systems, fire doors, emergency lighting systems, and evacuation systems Voice, Public Address, Low Voltage, Gas Detection, and Security Systems, by meeting NFPA.


Innovation is the key to our ability to translate fresh ideas and original ways of doing things into new products, creative material and process development

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We take active interest and involvement in our local community


Conformed the requirements of ISO and OHSAS

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We are dedicated to the highest quality in all the products and services we provide.

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We care to understand our customers' needs and serve them accordingly in a timely manner

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we seek to provide a learning environment capable of nurturing and unfolding the full potential of each individual and the company's

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